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Photograph of Ken Norton in a barbershop in Davidson, NC.

Color image of Reeves Temple AME Zion Church in Davidson, NC.

Color photograph of Reeves Temple AME Zion Church in Davidson, NC

Davidson Presbyterian Church sign with the church visible in the background.

Photograph of Davidson College Presbyterian Church and Education Building.

Photograph of houses in Lakeside Terrace. A pond and Griffith Street are visible.

Houses in Lakeside Terrace neighborhood in Davidson, NC.

Four barracks on Main Street in Davidson. The barracks originally housed soldiers, the married students and later African American families.

Ada Jenkins home.JPG
Ada Jenkins sitting on the steps to her home in Davidson, NC.

Ada Jenkins.JPG
Ada Jenkins standing in front of the school with children around her

AJC Annual Report 1938.JPG
1937-1938 Report to the State Department of Public Instruction

Annie Mildred Lowery portrait from LaGretta Neal.JPG
Portrait of Annie Mildred Lowery

Color photograph of members of Houston family including Bernice Houston, Marjean Torrence, Ruby Houston, Karen Houston and 4 other women.

Bliis_June Kimmel_children copy.jpg
June Kimmel teaching a class of young children. The children are sitting on the floor.

brady's alley.JPG
Davidson College Presbyterian Church minister Carl Pritchett talks with Mr. and Mrs. Lowery in front of their recently burned home with a crowd watching them.

Children and teachers standing in front of original wooden building of the Davidson Colored School.

An advertisement placed in the Mecklenburg Gazette for the formation of a segregated private school.

dpc copy.jpg
Davidson Presbyterian Church in the foreground with the education building in the background.

DPC-10 copy.jpg
Two black women pose for a picture outside of Davidson Presbyterian Church.

DPCmixed church group copy.jpg
A group of black men and women pose for a picture in Davidson Presbyterian Church.
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