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California | Top of Page

  Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley Book Club of California. “Club of California records, 1914-[on-going].”
  California Historical Society, San Francisco Columbia Circle of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle of Santa Clara, California. “Columbia Circle of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle of Santa Clara, California minute books: ms, 1898-1918.”
  University of the Pacific, Stockton Philomathean Club. “Philomathean Club Records, 1912-1996.”

Illinois | Top of Page

  Evanston Historical Society, Evanston Eclectic Reading Society of Evanston (Evanston, Ill.). “Records, 1866-1882.”
  University of Illinois, Chicago Orkney and Shetland Literary, Social and Benevolent Society. “Orkney and Shetland Literary, Social and Benevolent Society records, 1885-1969.”

Indiana | Top of Page

  Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis Current Discussion Club (Indianapolis, Ind.). “Records, 1920-1986.”

Kansas | Top of Page

  University of Kansas Archives, Lawrence Ladies Literary League (Lawrence, Kan.). “Records of the Ladies Literary League.” 1882-2001.
  University of Kansas Archives, No Name Club and Ladies' Reading Circle (Lawrence, Kan.). “Minute and record books.” 1876-2004.
  University of Kansas Archives, South Side Reading Club (Lawrence, Kan.) “South Side Reading Club records.” 1912-1984.
  Wichita State University, Wichita Fairmount Library Club (Wichita, Kan.). “Records, 1898-1990.”

Louisiana | Top of Page

  Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Skimmers Club. “Skimmers Club records, 1921-2005.”

Maine | Top of Page

  Maine Historical Society, Portland Readers Club (Portland, Me.). “Readers Club records, 1895-1945.”

Massachusetts | Top of Page

  Cambridge Public Library , Cambridge, MA Cambridgeport Philolegical Society. “Records, 1840-1848.”
  Historic Northampton Museum & Education Center, Northampton Book Club (Northampton, Mass.)."The Book Club account book and book list, 1887 Sept.-1896 Dec., 1928.”
  Radcliffe College, Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America Cambridge, Massachusetts Pilgrim Church (Sherborn, Mass.) “Ladies' associations collection, 1826-1989 (inclusive).”
  Radcliffe College, Tuesday Club (Boston, Mass.). “Records, 1884-1999 (inclusive).”
  Radcliffe College, Young Ladies' Sewing and Reading Society (Pittsfield, Mass.). “Records, 1840-1878 (inclusive).”

Michigan | Top of Page

  Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Bay View Club (Fenton, Mich.). “Bay View Club minutes, 1897-1970.”
  Public Library of Saginaw, Saginaw Saginaw Reading Club. “Saginaw Reading Club papers, 1885-1984.”

Minnesota | Top of Page

  Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN Book Club (Twin Cities Metropolitan Area Minn.) and Barbara Cyrus. “Club records, 1954-1976, 1981, 1997.”
  Minnesota Historical Society, Inglenook Reading Club (Saint Paul, Minn.). “Club records, 1905-1938.”
  Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul Reading Circle (Saint Paul, Minn.). “Club records, 1872-1880.”

New Jersey | Top of Page

  Princeton University Library, Princeton Philobiblon Society (Great Britain), Richard Monckton Houghton, and Baron Milnes. “Transactions of the Philobiblon Society : manuscript, 1854.”

New York | Top of Page

  Grolier Club East 60th Street, New York
  Hroswitha Club. “Records, 1944-1999.”
  New York State Arch, Albany Home Literary Club. “Home Literary Club minutes, 1895-1899.”

North Carolina | Top of Page

  Campbell University, INC, Buies Creek, NC Library Club of Saugerties (Saugerties, N.Y.). “Records, 1881-1884.”
  Campbell University, Outlook Club (Sag Harbor, N.Y.). “Records, 1906-1942.”
  Campbell University, Thimble Club (Westbury, Nassau County, N.Y.). “Records, 1902-1955.”
  Davidson College, Davidson Alpha Book Club (Davidson, NC). "Alpha Book Club Records, 1996-."
  Davidson College, Aplian Book Club (Davidson, NC) “Aplian Book Club Collection, 1949-.”
  Davidson College, As You Like It Book Club (Davidson, NC). “As You Like It Book Club Collection, 1953-1974.”
  Davidson College, Centennial Book Club (Davidson, NC). “Centennial Book Club Collection, 1939-2005.”
  Davidson College, Eighteen Book Club (Davidson, NC). “Eighteen Book Club Collection, 1953-1990."
  Davidson College, Literatae Book Club (Davidson, NC) . “Literatae Book Club Records, 1990-1998.”
  Davidson College, Tarbelles Book Club (Davidson, NC). “Tarbelles Book Club Records, 2005-
  Davidson College, Thelemite Club (Davidson, NC). “Thelemite Club Collection, 1922-.”
  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Current Literature Club. “Records, 1900-1995.”
  University of North Carolina, Salisbury Book Club (Salisbury, N.C.). “Salisbury Book Club records, 1899-1933.”

North Dakota | Top of Page

  University of North Dakota, Grand Forks Pioneer Reading Club (Grand Forks, N.D). “Records, 1899-1901.”

Ohio | Top of Page

  Ohio State University, Colombus Wednesday Literary Club (Columbus, Ohio). “Records of the Wednesday Literary Club, 1887-[ongoing]”
  Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, Bowling Green Croghan Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle (Fremont, Ohio) “Records, 1912-2001"

Pennsylvania | Top of Page

  Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia West Philadelphia Reading Society. “Constitution , Minutes and membership list,1833-1843.”
  Historical Society of West Pennsylvania, Aurora Reading Club. “Aurora Reading Club records 1900-2002 1943-1995 [manuscript]”
  Historical Society of West Pennsylvania, South Hills Reading Club (Pa.) and Thursday Reading Club (Pa.). “Records 1928-1980.”

South Carolina | Top of Page

  University of South Carolina, Columbia Current Literature Club (Columbia, S.C.). “Records, 1910-2003.”
  University of South Carolina, Estill Book Club (Hampton County, S.C.). “Records, 1913-2005.”
  University of South Carolina, Interdependent Society (Beech Island, S.C.). “Records, 1913 Oct. 7-1923 Feb.”

Tennessee | Top of Page

  Memphis-Shelby County Public Library and Information Center, Memphis Kennedy Book Club (Memphis, Tenn.). “Kennedy Book Club collection, 1902-2002.”

Wisconsin | Top of Page

  La Crosse Public Library, La Crosse American Association of University Women (La Crosse, Wis.). Bookfellows Study Group. “American Association of University Women Bookfellows Study Group records, 1935-1998.”

Washington | Top of Page

  University of Washington Libraries, Seattle Durant Study Club (Seattle, Wash.).“Records, 1946-1986.”
  Washington State Historical Society, Tacoma Longfellow Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle (Tacoma, Wash.) “Longfellow Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle records, 1886-1897.”