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2020 Earth Day 50th Anniversary COVID Communications.pdf
This e-mail series documents the transition of Earth Day 50th anniversary programming from in-person campus programs to virtual sharing with select students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members during the stay-at-home order period of…

This blog looks at ways students can increase their productivity while doing work from home.

Lake Campus Signage at the beach.JPG
A photograph indicating the required social distance during COVID-19; the sign is posted on the beach at Lake Campus.

Ann Haley and Shaw Smith wearing masks on the back porch of our house. The masks were made and given to us by Cort Savage (Art) and Jennifer Stasack (Music).

Pace at vet.jpg
Before COVID-19 a trip to the vet involved going in, talking with the doctors and techs, and waiting with our pets. Today, I took my four-legged baby, Pace, in for surgery, and had to hand him off to the staff in the parking lot. Thank goodness, my…

The Catholic students wanted to keep every gathering going we possible could once the College closed and everyone spread out across the country to return home to total lockdown. They said the Rosary every Tuesday together online in the Spring of…

Catholic student Mass on Sundays on the porch of the Alumni House. People loved it and were extremely happy to be able to go to Mass again after nearly a year. Fantastic, beautiful location.

How do we embrace and move with change, rather than against it_.pdf
This presentation seeks to present strategies for coping with change.

A public librarian shares her story of learning to host online book clubs, dealing with internet issues and how remaining flexible is the key to it all.

A photograph of a homemade face mask and latex gloves. It is now very common to see workers and customers wearing similar protective equipment in retail stores. Some states, counties, and cities have made it mandatory for residents to wear masks…
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