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Here's part of a scrapbook I'm making that documents my life in 2020. This page is about summer travels - home to Germany for my husband and for me mostly to places in my head. We had hoped to go to Greece, so I included small images of that. The…

The wildcat statue in fron of the Baker Sports Complex wearing a face mask.

Booklovers Zoom.jpg
For the first time in its 121 year history, Booklovers Club met virtually via Zoom, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I did do a short article on the coronavirus. This is in a Colorado State University online newsletter named Source. May 2020. Attached. 5 pages. No permission needed to reprint.

Life persists in the midst of its perpetual perishing. The…

Suffolk County (NY) police brought a birthday celebration to my 98-year-old grandfather - A World War II veteran who is now in isolation after fighting, and beating, COVID-19.

A public librarian shares her story of learning to host online book clubs, dealing with internet issues and how remaining flexible is the key to it all.

COVID-19 graffiti on a gated culvert pipe on the campus of Davidson College

Town of Davidson sign encouraging social distancing and other public safety practices when visiting parks and trails. It was posted in front of a playground at Roosevelt Wilson park that had been wrapped with orange fencing.

Looking forward to the return of our students to campus buildings.

After hearing that President had canceled funding for W.H.O. I checked with a retired doctor-writer on Signal Mountain. He felt like I did, this was an immoral betrayal. After taking part in a phone conference with Amnesty International on Refuges…
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