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Remotely produced original song written and performed by Davidson history professor John Wertheimer, sung by Davidson chemistry professor Durwin Striplin, Davidson alumna Daphne Fruchtman, and others. The name of the group is Davidson Local.

The pamphlet book about social life during COVID-19 combines a variety of emails Davidson College has sent its students. From the initial email asking students to leave campus in March 2020 to updates about testing, cases, and policies, the book…

2020 Earth Day 50th Anniversary COVID Communications.pdf
This e-mail series documents the transition of Earth Day 50th anniversary programming from in-person campus programs to virtual sharing with select students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members during the stay-at-home order period of…

This blog looks at ways students can increase their productivity while doing work from home.

An Exploration of Human Uniqueness (1).pdf
In the format of a newspaper, this project brings together several different perspectives on the topic of uniqueness. Looking from a Christian, Buddhist, Scientific, Psychologist, and a few other lenses, I explored if individuals should embrace their…

Ann Haley and Shaw Smith wearing masks on the back porch of our house. The masks were made and given to us by Cort Savage (Art) and Jennifer Stasack (Music).

Looking forward to the return of our students to campus buildings.
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