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Photograph of a handmade cotton mask hanging to dry after first use

A photograph of a homemade face mask and latex gloves. It is now very common to see workers and customers wearing similar protective equipment in retail stores. Some states, counties, and cities have made it mandatory for residents to wear masks…

During COVID-19, many sewists and quilters like myself raided our stashes of quilting fabric, elastic and tee-shirt yarn to make quilted cotton masks. Although their usage was controversial until the CDC came out with official recommendations for…

Poem written and read for Cold Open Mic series, April 2020; poem also published by the Buffalo News on 04/19/2020. Screenshot sent to me by the Buffalo News poetry editor, Robert D. Pohl.

Ann Haley and Shaw Smith wearing masks on the back porch of our house. The masks were made and given to us by Cort Savage (Art) and Jennifer Stasack (Music).

A poem written by Anthony S. Abbott, Davidson College Emeriti Faculty, about the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

This time has given me the opportunity to discover one of the talents God has given me. I am grateful that the people walking in front of my house where I am displaying my paintings seem to be creating their own fantasies and joy as they stand…

2020 Earth Day 50th Anniversary COVID Communications.pdf
This e-mail series documents the transition of Earth Day 50th anniversary programming from in-person campus programs to virtual sharing with select students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members during the stay-at-home order period of…

Pace at vet.jpg
Before COVID-19 a trip to the vet involved going in, talking with the doctors and techs, and waiting with our pets. Today, I took my four-legged baby, Pace, in for surgery, and had to hand him off to the staff in the parking lot. Thank goodness, my…

This blog looks at ways students can increase their productivity while doing work from home.
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